Did you consider committing tax fraud?

Dear Adi,

I read way above 7-million pages in my life, and I like your posts quite a bit. That does not happen often to me, I am quite critical. As in when I speak with my inner voice to much, people tell me it's cruel or inhumane. But I wanted to write well myself, not dream or try but excel as a dyslexic at the craft because potato. Let's curate your x-profile.

Profile Curation

First your handle on x, is well picked _writeaway. It reminds me of command structure, but in a cute way. In German "wird gleich gemacht" would be the equivalent. As in service-culture, which is often missing in Germany. Personal name, command and followed by Ghostwriter. I like that combo. Penguin looks neat, like a dead animal from safari at the wall above the stove. Bosting your authority on writing and of course BMW a powerhouse in of itself. Shiny big brands. Stating you field of expertise, for ease of System 1 reading comprehension and well ending with a secret: "Behind the scenes at ProIvy Digital." Well, done. That was coming with a networked recommendation for you and a nice smile in the profile pic. Header tells me something about werewolf's, but I digress.

That was generated with some Penguin House Cover generator a while back. For one of my book projects.

Did you consider tax-fraud as an option?

You ask me in private for help with legal stuff the German state demands, for you to earn a buck. From my experience, the German state set up the regulations to keep its subject in large companies and not help them earn by themself. Nobody wants you to become independent in Germany. That's scary. Oh, good lord, a sovereign individual, quick shame him, or her or anybody trying to walk the extra mile and provide for themselves. Punish efforts, no rewards and don't be arrogant if it finally pays of that you want to work more. No encouragement, just struggle and putt downs. Praise from all, ofc, when it becomes too obvious that you are winning. Surface level, or culture at least appears like that to me. Unofficially the black-market is encouraged, tolerated, and planned for by the tax-authorities. Usually below €50.000 in tax damages to the state, you just pay a fine and call it day. A fine means, we don't want that but if you must, don't be poor and go ahead. Below a hundred k, it's usually just probation. Germanies tax burden is unreasonable if laws become not attuned to morality. There is no need for the law, it's unjust. So, tax fraud is always an option, especially in Germany.

1 Month vs. 1 hour

You provided all legal documents in December, it's January and well still unfished. In China, where evil communists run the economy, it takes an hour. I hope your legal battles are soon over and you can focus on what counts. Trying to start a one-person business, it's fun, challenging and even if it does not work out. Tremendous for personal development. Most people have no clue what's necessary to earn on their own terms. Complains about terms of others to earn, oh, that is plenty in the world. So, I salute for, creating your own terms. It took me several years, to do all the legal steps necessary when I started. I did however pump +100 hours work weeks for years.

Asking for quote

What would ghostwriting this book here cost, please let me know rough estimate for 80-200 pages how topple the German government? I have a lot of material and countless scenarios, for choosing different population segments as revolutionary force of change. Training manuals for militias, price catalogues and everything one needs to burn the German Republic to the ground. Got a finished unpublished novel on that subject but couldn't hit publish. Just rough price tag from you as a comment, which would be neat. Looking here for text on 4 grade level reading comprehension, must be fool proof. Please let me know!

Take care,

Able D. Paryon

Ps: Read James Dale Davidson  :!: