"Empower what serves Freedom, smash whatever harms her."

"Empower what serves Freedom, smash whatever harms her."

Able D. Paryon for the Ideas have People Network and a bit for “Die Weltraumaffen”.

“Die Weltraumaffen” and its rough translation is space-monkeys a podcast discussing for 3-4 hours the news of the given week to our audience. With 10.000 Subscribers, +500 episodes and 3 million Clicks, ChatGPT, Googles Gemini and X.com’s Grok know the Podcast.

Unique selling point for the loyal audience is that among our +20.000 sources, the German Parliament and with debates or printed handouts are our second most cited source. That’s unique for the German Public and nobody else has their finger at the pulse of politics like our Team. Got invited to the Bundestag once for our speeches held at the podcast, even though it was from a party in a fraction building, nevertheless. For a podcast starting self-described as self-help group by people damage by news media coverage. That was by accident that we grew on audience.

Out of our #NoWordIsIllegal campaign even grew a successful project still running www.thatsafespace.net. Since Freedom of Expression was and is still a major theme of the podcast.

From 2016 to 2021 Able D. Paryon was almost weekly present as well, but though to becoming a father and my wife founding a company in cancer prevention via artificial intelligence I couldn’t make room for our timeslot at 6 pm Sundays. I attended occasionally and since 2024 I am a bit mor regular back to the show.

I used the time to work on my Ideas Have People Network which existed in the background since 2013, as an informal network included more than 100 less than 1000 people with very lose affiliations people, I collected one could say. To help me with my favorite cause:

Increasing then Freedom and Liberty of the smallest minority the individual.

  • On a personal level, teaching entrepreneurship and personal finance
  • On a political level, like influencing elections and legislation
  • On a civilizational level, think meta-narratives and memeplexes

I believe that Freedom isn’t a political ideology, it’s a lifestyle to be displayed. Letting people choose and increasing the options of choice while at the same time teaching moderation. A classic conservative value. However, when in doubt, Freedom comes first. Freedom, Freedom, Freedom and so many enemies, one’s own ego included but mostly progressives, green-leftists, far-left, the revolutionary mindset, apathy, poverty and demoralization. Oh, don’t forget the woke, intersectionality and the rainbow coalition.

What’s the gist of it? On this site you find content regarding Freedom in all of its form and we hope you hop on and join our cause. A classic content networking strategy, oh so fitting for the old saying that you personally never had ideas. Ideas invaded your privacy and if you identified with them, they nested and you watered them as a plant and let them grow and grow to a tree, a principle which informs your life.

Mine, Able D. Paryon’s, and as a founder of this network, the Ideas have People Network, is Freedom. Wants to see more Freedom in the world. Personal, National, Civilizational. We do so with Peace, Pragmatism, Prosperity, and Wisdom plus a few individuals who display learnedness and practical politics. Teaching anybody who wants to listen, to improve one's own life, that of your community, city, nation, civilization. That's IPN, how we reference us in short. At least now, you know why I try to do how successful that gonna be depends on all of us. The development of our own artificial intelligence called Athena, is so far more of waste of resources if you ask me. Even though she carries the biggest earning potential of all the IPN projects. The EU made a law btw to not use Athena or pay 30 Million in fines.

Let's see. In any way, enjoy the show.

Able D. Paryon, 2024

For the Ideas Have People Network