Dear beloved incels

Yeah, but I had hits directly, but thought that's stupid. I was just angry at my wife and made an account because I am angry.

My point is fuck this random girl fucking. Go fuck to marry a girl and be decent and not degenerate. If it's just about fucking, hookers are happy to earn money.
If you introduce currency to Kapuziner Monkeys. The female apes offer sex, within the same day for exchange of currency. With the currency ofc they could get tasty, sweet yellow.
Don't give up on yourself, if you are an incel. Work on yourself to become an island, and built your own island, since females are boats and come and go, and pass by, just built a nice island worthy of settling down.

Eventually it will work, but as an incel, you disatract by active looking for a mating partner. Your prey can sense that, you want it to much and over that, the mating dance can't start. For it to be natural, fool yourself, into not actively looking out for it.

Plus, if you are unable to do pushups, at least 40 in a row, clean and smooth not fast beautiful pushups. You don't deserve a girl, since you couldn't defend her from Predators.
This ist just evolutionary background radiation, and not you're or the female's fault, culture in the west is just degenerate as fuck, because of #Kulturalmarxism. I am spiritual incel, plus Elliot Roger is my hero, he was a supreme gentleman.

If you want to change your #inceldom, into marriage with 2,1 children at very least. Go over to just make an account, so I can mail you material. We have 125 TB database and published very little information on our webpage on the topic of from incel to men with offspring.

But please just take a leap of faith, and trust me, and my purple pills. The color is just disguise, white and golden pills is what you receive from me. You will become Able's Elite and join a #FreedomCult. Happy marriage with children plus good relationship to wife and kids, while earning decent money.

It's your life, stop killing yourself, start leading yourself.

Now go and watch a video, to start somewhere.

Ps: Learn and listen a bit, more that would cool my incel friends. Learn from the best around in town and do your homework. 8)