Ideas Have People Network

Ideas Have People Network

The Ideas Have People Network came into existence to increase freedom and liberty of the individual, the smallest minority there is. It is a decade old informal network which is concerned about widespread notion of positive freedoms, utopian thinking, intersectionality and other progressive ideals. The aim of the network is to acquire knowledge and wisdom which is necessary for a freedom-based Civilization to prosper. We have the aim to display here learnedness and teach it to willing individuals. Next to content and activities, like meet ups or protest-actions for people who are less intellectually inclined.

The Network rejects revolutionary ideas in favor of gradual change, based on wise ideas. Gradual changes over bold moves. Change for the sake of change is dangerous and doing nothing is better than getting active for the sake of doing something. Or even worse seeking change just for the sake of vanity.

Preserving the Rights of the smallest Minority: The Individual

There are different schools of thought on how to organize society’s, those are made up of memes. Large combinations of memes are memeplexes. Henceforth there are currently three big memeplexes in the West. Postmodern Multiculturalists (Progressives), Enlightenment (Classical Liberals) and Tradition (Conservatives). Preserving the Rights of the smallest Minority is already a buy in, into the widespread frames of Progressives. Even though it’s conservative or freedom orientated saying.

This is sad, but unfortunately the West gave up on its beliefs, traditions, and legitimacy and this is largely due to the corrosive effects of Postmodern Multiculturalists and Modernity. We don’t see us as victims, but victors taking the arms as a small well-organized minority to take care that the amount of Freedom in the world is increased. Personal level or political level, we serve both needs. What we need are Free people, there are plenty already and we have the knowledge to make more of them.

We at Ideas have People are concerned with Memeplex at any scale The so-called meta-narratives which hold Nations, Cultures and Civilizations together but also personal branding. Narratives we like, cherish, and teach you how to make them work for you. Forget about the past 5 years or the next 5 years. Forget about the “next election”. There is time tested Memeplexes on how to organize society. We are concerned with their alteration and with new untested Memeplexe like Intersectionality for Instance. Plus, we think you deserve a raise in income and would love to teach you how to get that.

We sing the Song of “Wisdom uber alles”, it has never been easier to consume knowledge, but modernity also brought a decline in wisdom. We strive to counteract this development. Artificial Intelligence made much worth, now we outsource even our thinking. That’s why we developed our own Artificial Intelligence called Athena.

Reject Revolution, Wisdom Uber Alles

We study history, we work on gradual change, we value knowledge and wisdom, and we reject revolutionary memeplexes based on nation or religion at all costs.

Mission, The Ideas Have People Network came into existence in order to increase freedom and liberty of the individual. While we have to say that that Freedom is a lifestyle which needs to be actively chosen. We hope we can increase the percentage of the populous, which choose Freedom. It must be stressed we stand for personal Freedom, just as much as for Freedom in large scale human organizations like countries, nations or civilizations.

Vision, we hope we can put forward Memeplexes which passed the test of time. We want society to waste less time on ideas which are civilizational young. A throughout rejection of Progressive Ideals, Postmodern Multiculturalism, Intersectionality, Socialism and Cultural Marxism. Additionally, we would like to see the personal net worth of our members increase. Monetize, don't moralize.

There is a Culture War going on in recent decades

These are the opposing fractions.

Postmodern MulticulturalistEnlightenmentTradition
New Memeplex often espoused by former socialists and marxists, also called Politics of Diffrence or Cultural Marxism. Variety of Progressive Memeplex.
Developmet in 1960s
Rejection of Metanarratives
Alienation of the Indiviudal
Redistribution of Wealth and Status
Relativ Young Memeplex which yieled great results in scientific improvement and recognition of the smallest minority the individual.
Let the Individual Rise
Suspicion Regarding Tradition
Human Rights
Time tested Memeplexes of social organisation. Often attacked by both Postmondern Multiculturalist and Enlightenment, yet still cardle of civilisation.
Atleast 1000 years.
Rejection of Modernity
Gave Rise to Virtue