The German state has a fundament which is eroding.

"Germany for Germans, Foreigners out, Foreigners out"

"Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus, Ausländer raus." translates to "Germany for Germans, Foreigners out, Foreigners out" a couple of month ago in a 300-soul village youngster were singing that song to the tune of a Song called "L’amour toujours“ by Gi Gi Agostino. The French title translates to "always loving". He stated in an interview reacting to a recent event on Sylt where people were chanting to his melody again the let's say immigration skeptical limerick. I get that polite society is upset about it, while I also have my muslims friends chanting that for fun with a loud alu ackbar afterwards. Multiculturalism wasn't my idea, but that is how I experience it. Gi Gi Agostino did not know what was happening in Germany, said it's a no go and there are talks about how to sue people using the melody singing the limmerick.

"My song 'L'Amour Toujours' tells of a wonderful, great and intense feeling that connects people: It is love," writes the artist upon request. “It is the power of love that drives me. The desire to hug my family tightly and say thank you, the desire to sing words of love and dance together. Love for my wife. The desire to laugh with joy and cry because of the beauty of the combined feeling. The wonderful feeling that a sunset or a walk on the beach can give me. The love I feel for music, for dance.”

Cultural Jamming from the right

The short tune got remixed into a wide variety of memes, over a short span by right-wingers when it first appeared a half year ago or so. This is called cultural-jamming and a tactic coming from the left wing. The cultural jammers are to the right of CDU, the German "conservative" party which made so compromises over the span of being in power that they lost their profile standing for any conservative values. While regular taking over left-wing Agenda projects that it is hard to in an honest manner to describe them as conservative. I run a German speaking podcast "Die Weltraumaffen" with modest 10.000 Subscribers, 3 million Clicks, 3-to-4-hour long format for "news-addicts" every Sunday about Politics in Germany, Globally, Culture, Science, just everything relevant.

In that show when commenting on the CDU: "Conservatism is progressivism with an applied handbrake." In the Space Monkey Podcast, we discussed more than 20.000 News item and counting. Second most citated source is the German Parlament itself, no other format in Germany has such a close look on actual politics like us. As a format outstanding in German public. Over +500 episodes and in a span of 8 years we missed sending only one Sunday in all those years. Driven, disciplined, and fueled by idealism because we care about Freedom.

"Conservatism is progressivism with an applied handbrake."

But for our CDU it's true "Conservatism is progressivism with an applied handbrake." I don't say it is in a mean-spirited manner, it's not accurate calling them conservative. A functioning democracy needs both left-and-right-wing to fly as a country and prosper. Democratic debate with a strong competition of ideas is vital for a country to not become instable and I just don't see that in my home country anymore. For quite some time. Germany lacks a proper conservative party, okay, we got the populist right the so-called Alternative for Germany. The name got inspired by "There is no alternative"-Principle inspired by Margaret Thatcher arguing that capitalism is the only viable system? I guess they got their name from the good old Iron lady. While I also remember the CDU saying there is no alternative conservative party but us and I admire the iron lady, she was a good politician but maybe she had nothing to do with the catchy name.

When in doubt choose Freedom

The CDU isn't even just corporate-conservative, but I could see why people argue that. I am a member of a minority party (FDP) which is very pro-corporate, and pro-skilled immigration could be described as non-utopian libertarian. Personally, I am pro Freedom first and when in doubt I always choose Freedom and I know Freedom works best with conservative values. Those values you can't enforce on all of the population. I often fear that the incompetent newcomers will replace the corrupt CDU, the AfD, populist right. While I could be too pessimistic. Could be the CDU isn't systematically corrupt and just a Machiavellian powerhouse without inherent values, interested in holding power and nothing else. Plus, I might be wrong about the populist rights incompetence. If the AfD can ever form a Government I am going to see if they stand up to their perceived values. I like however their meta-politics, or cultural activity if you want. You know the stuff which happens outside of parliament. Traditional and conservative values, I cherish, but also have at times a tough time living up to them. Moderation I lacked in my youth, learned it the hard time and is a very positive conservative value.

Witch hunting for the populist right, made them strong in the first place.

What we have seen since quite some time, is that all the old established parties form a block against the populist right. And the song mentioned earlier the cultural remixing, functions, and spreads for one reason very well: We have a left-leaning hegemonic grip on culture within Germany, for that matter in West as well. Economically consensus is kept for the most party that capitalism, and a strong economy is important. This consensus is falling apart in Germany as well, right now.

While Germanys energy politics of shutting down nuclear, to burn coal and trying to make green energy a thing sure helped keeping our Co2 goals. By making legacy companies leave companies, some are one hundred years old, and the energy prices increased last year for the average family by a whopping €1.200 per year. There is more mismanagement to complain about but internationally the insane energy politics initiated by Merkel and loved by the Green Party or like I to call them "Melon Party" outside green, inside red. Why was Merkel even shutting down nuclear power? Ever since the slaves were too dumb to boil water and had the Chernobyl disaster there was a massive increase in security measures over political pressure on the energy source.

It's also election session so here we have CDU propaganda poster:

Decade long illegal financing of state parties

CDU, major "conservative" German party, they do conserve yes, their functional power elite. Here they advertise for "Freedom", yes, Freedom from consequences from their actions. They build a massive NGO network with state money, with little to no oversight but with good pay for party soldiers if they lose an election and seat in Parlament. They have Golden Parachutes and illegal indirect financing of their parties via these NGOs. The NGO activity comes with little to no real evaluation if the projects work as intended, do anything good and academic works on the subject points into the direction that it's just wasting state money. I might add for personal gains, at least that how it looks. A friend of mine Erik Ahrens voiced the concern that the populist right, AfD, might lose state financing for the party. All parties in Germany receive money from the state and the the populist should be cut out from this. I couldn't ask why he thinks since our topic was on a different direction, and he mentioned it in a side sentence. While for me it wouldn't be a major surprise if that happend, but might be an overblown fear. It's important enough to mention but I don't want to fearmonger.

One party state

What is well established however is studies show that the average citizens are unable to distinguish CDU, major conservative party and SPD, major left-leaning party when presented with the election programs they offer before election to citizens to make an informed decision about whom to choose to Govern the subject. These are called "Wahlbausteine", single policies people can pick and choose, and nobody can tell what's CDU or SPD. Which is funny, if the the two biggest parties don't differ in policy, but in colors only. It just appears that the CDU is a bit more competent at winning elections than the SPD. Plus, Merkel famously said: "You can't rely on the idea that what is said before election holds true after election."

Extremists' rhetoric from the Green party? Nobody cares

Now the current government ist formed by the social-democrats, SPD, indistinguishable from CDU for the citizens. The Melons, our Green Party is called "Bündnis 90/Die Grünen" and formend out of astroturfed (non-organic or orchestrated) nuclear disarmament demonstrations in which the KGB had their influence. While the German don't need to rely on the KGB to be stupid. That party wanted to ban personal computers in the 90s fearing job losses and so on. They are huge on degrowth, and they have their youth revolt Friday for Future with their Lusia Neubauer (public figure in Germany) voicing in one interview and I quote: "We need a green cultural revolution."

People never saw a big issue when comparing caring for climate change with the necessity to copy Maos "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution" which lasted from 1966 till 1976. Estimated hundreds of thousands death up to millions trying to hold Mao into power after previous policies killed around 60 million people. Mind you this is coming with green leftist's activists speaking about the necessity to create military/police-state of total control lockdowns for society rationing everything to combat climate change. Not a widespread opinion within the Green Movement but it exists. And "We need a green cultural revolution." coming from a very prominent figurehead.

There is clear double standard, the antiimmigration limerick has also a shadow into history. But why nobody cares in the mainstream when the left states stuff like this?

Vote FDP

My big question now is why is "Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus, Ausländer raus." translates to "Germany for Germans, Foreigners out, Foreigners out" such a big deal if the Green-party which currently forms a government, states, such extreme talking points like previously mentioned? Social democrats are a bit like CDU but with a few free handouts amplifying the economic decline of Germany and my party "Freie Demokratische Partei" classical liberals forming with the Green party a government now. My party also has their problems with strong subversive elements from progressive types, especially within their youth.

Anyhow, I often say the Green party and the Social Democrats dash out a very good beating for the German citizenry, the FDP non-utopian libertarian and minority party helped to form the Government and are like the doctor checking the pulse of the German subject. Looking at the torture masters, saying, yes, they can take more but must that be the case? Is it necessary, can't you stop? But they are a minority and left-wing wants handouts and the right-wing wants handouts as well, but with an eye on non-contributors and newcomers. Way too many people want handouts, which needs to stop.*

*That's one reason why the Ideas Have People Network also focuses on personal Freedom, helping with finance, salary increase or entrepreneurship. Next to dealing with politics.

Hatespeech is okay if it comes from the left

The social democrats of course focusing on hate speech. I term I never found a good definition from anybody using it. Which is hard in general, I mean finding good definitions is hard in general. Think about porn, I have no idea how describe it in one or two sentences, but I can tell it if I see it. It's the same with hate speech. The social democrats forgot the workers and focus on banning words. The far-left (populist) party in Germany sometimes says we want a one-time tax on anybody who owns more than 2 million or 10 million, number changes at times, which for them is just common sense since they want to redistribute wealth.

When I hear one-time tax, I think more of how Hitler taxed the Jews 20%, then 40% up to 100% their wealth. I think Kulaks being punished for being productive. I can see the most productive people fleeing the country and if they, the far left, win enough elections, it is absolutely certain that starving people are going to eat their own pets just to survive given the far-left enough time in power. It's just the core element of the far left, using politics of envy to destroy a nation, or country, holding economic development back and bringing out the worst in people. They do hate speech in my eyes, quite a lot. Veiled and concealed in abstract nice sounding pro-social verbiage. While repacking only old policies which have proven to be failed over and over and over again. Talks about expropriation I personally equate to talks about organizing a genocide. The left does it often and nobody cares, but their expropriation phantasies will not work if they don't close the borders and make their citizens prisoners and just as stated before it's downhill from there.

Hidden social democratic influence and building a "Brandmauer"

The Social democrats (SPD) have a media empire and don't even need to be elected to put items on the agenda by influencing the public debate. That takes often the form of while not in power dictating CDUs policies via their soft power. Just one more tilt to the left, one more, one more, one more.... They have plenty of media cooperations they own or at least hold a share of plenty of media companies. They can make scandals happen, do so on a regular basis also out of thin air. While CDU is power hungry and responsive in these kinds of influencing manners. All the old parties talk about a burning wall, "brandmauer", in German. I dislike the idea to not talking with people who are open for conversations, Popper had an influence on me here, as well the fact that I read professional deradicalization literature* which security/intelligence forces use for training and like to apply that knowledge everywhere I can**.

*Often extremist are quite polite and uneducated people who swim in the mainstream (normies) display the biggest hatred for everything slightly different then their own opinion with a psychotic rage many extremists would be jealous off.

**Of course, the extremist at times does terror attacks, which sucks more than impoliteness, it's just an observation.

It's not about hate speech but winning or losing elections

I have very strong opinions and I have friends believe it or not in all parties, I take my cues from everywhere. Since I care about democracy, working as a whole nation brining as many interest groups as possible to the table, rather than having too many special interest groups. The biggest threat to our Freedom-based Civilization, or here just the country Germany for that matter, is a threat on Freedom of expression. I can see how the Social Democrats see hate speech* when youngster chant to Gi Gi Agostino "Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus, Ausländer raus." like it happend again this week. Get concerned and of course get active**.

They after all made the infamous network enforcement act happening, which applied strict German laws restricting free speech to the Internet. Which in my opinion was not done, to uphold German law also on the internet but in fear of losing elections only. Germany cracked also down on Telegram; a platform created by Russian dissidents. How dare those russian dissidents being pro-free speech not on Germanys watch, we need to interfere with that! There executives got a visit from the German interior Minister Nancy Faeser. Imposing stricter German free speech laws where every they can, is a project undertaken by the social democrats in Germany. While a worker who complains that he has to compete with immigrants on jobs which require little training, well those get a fine and their Facebook post getting banned. Because potato.

*Hate speech means my political enemy made a good point and it should be illegal to say that point because I want to remain in power forever.

**It's good propaganda and that demands good counterpropaganda.


This time in Sylt. A few youngsters got drunk, chanted the slogan plus misbehaved a bit and the press went furious over it. I had something similar with Muslim friends screaming Allah Ackbar in a threatening manner calling for beheadings of infidels. Of course, in a polite society this is concerning. In a party setting it's in my opinion just living up to the true core values each culture carries*. Every culture has in its core a strong ingroup preference often coming with a dehumanization of any outgroup. Multiculturalism in action, if you ask me. Since we are tribal in nature as humans, our tribes just have gotten bigger in the last few thousand years. In these cases, the Muslims and the youngsters in Sylt, in my opinion chanted in a playful manner. While the political apparatus has fears that the populist right is winning elections. To be blunt, some of their candidates don't want to see near the parliament. Sames goes for the left-leaning politicians.

*Civilized people normally don't live that out, or if, then only in special settings. These things are like group rituals.

Drunk people getting attention from high-ranking state officials

Marching in a demonstration chanting similar stuff, would give me reason for concern. While the Youngster in Sylt are now dragged through the press to make an example. High ranking politicians chipped in. The federal states deputy Minister-President stated that the state must take action, bring light into the situation and that there must be consequences. Internal affairs Minister stated that this is a society wide problem and that they will find out who that was and the culprits will face legal consequences. Education Minister is asking what's happening in the brains of these youngsters, since they are living well and enjoy a society based on Freedom.

Well not to chant an anti-immigration limerick, that Freedom is forbidden?! Please tell me why?

Regional head of my party FDP also found strong words condemning what happens, calling them something similar than spoiled brats (this might be true). It's a fellow party member of mine, and I would have wanted him to stay "In doubt for Freedom" but he chose to join the bandwagon which is okay. I am in a minority group within the party called critical liberals. Liberals with a right-wing bend. While please my English readers think here liberal as in non-utopian libertarian not as in US liberals.

One SPD-Politician stated that this isn't just a harmless drunken action, but a case state prosecutor. The Police in Flensburg stated that the internal intelligence agency started investigating this case of Volksverhetzung translated with incitement to the people. Which carries a strong historical reference tied to Germanys dark past. The local bar stated if they had known they would have used their house law to send them away. They also now have a ban on entering the house. At least one person participating in chanting lost their job and I heard but unconfirmed a second person as well. On university kicked out the student in the video, or at least tries to find a way to do so. Just saw a headline about it. State-Broadcasting personalities which are quite prominent like Dunja Hayali and Jan Böhmerman chipped in as well.

Preparing for Regime change, or storm in waterglass

All books I know which talk about regime change successfully done replace a government with non-violent methods, talk about the necessity that the state overreacts about silly stupid manners and makes itself look ridiculous. Otpor*, Rules of Radicals, all state this is important to make a power grab. Congratulations, you made it more likely that your enemy wins with your overreaction, my beloved established politicians. Except for the FDP dude, FDP are flawless he just wanted to fit in to influence the others better on economic policy. I guess. But the situation is ripe, where we ether step over the line of catchy antiimmigration slogans becoming state-affairs and with hefty punishments usually reserved for people who plan violent over throughs or window of oppurtunity has arriusen where a skillfull small well organized minority can play successfully cat and mouse with the state and make them loose a big time.

*There are handbooks I only point to in private, please reach out if you are non-left and are interested. Maybe I will blog them in the future, let's see.

Climate of Fear for an Alternative

Now you get the gist of the situation, and my final analysis can start. If German polite society wouldn't be scared shitless about the rise of the populist right-wing AfD and with endless campaigns of condemnation, ostracism and hysterical heavy breathing that the populist right is the next 4th Reich. This limerick would have never entered mainstream culture. No cultural power without fear from the mainstream. Mainstream parties and media do their best to condemn the AfD which lead to their parliamentary members getting physically attacked* most often compared to all other parties and shunning everything which is milk toast conservative like the CDU. If that cultural space, empty whole, wouldn't have been created neither this limerick which got remixed hundreds of times for maximum memetic impact nor the AfD would have much power. Though all the momentum, the moral grandstanding and dangerous play of a brown scare, seeing Nazis everywhere. Especially within the AfD. The populist right would vanish.

*I know the Green party is the biggest victim because they often mean words and go to police with them. But beaten is a bit worse.

Minorities have it easier, influencing mass culture

It's the same reason why rap music in the USA has such great cultural influence, since it's created by a minority. Proud ethnic Germans are a minority and demographic change is already done in big cities that proud and non-proud Germans together are a minority at least in the younger Generations. Which isn't even a bad thing per se, from my point of view.* Since the state is going to collect less taxes and we might shrink it's size. Studies from Denmark show that only people with strong roots in the country are net contributors to the state in taxes overall. After that come immigrants from other European nations and of course people from MENA Region, Middle East and Third World countries contributing way less, some even are a net negative.

*But can lead to a multicultural police state

Pride goes all the way

All of this is rare to be discussed in a calm an open manor and these types of limericks will become more and more, since we have a net migration which will lead to Germans becoming a minority and some Germans don't like that. Additionally, never got asked about that as a political project. Plus, quite a few mixed breads who are cultural Germans, would also love to be a bit prouder of this nation. I personally married a foreigner and did commit Rassenschade, an old Nazi term for not breeding with another German. But I want to also be proud of this nation and for me the pride goes all the way. The wars, the atrocities, the industrial mass murder all of that if you can't identify with it as a perpetrator. You can't feel sorry if you can't identify as a perpetrator. Most Germans remember, but never could see themselves in the shoes of their ancestors and that is wrong in multiple ways. No stopping of Hitler 2.0, if you wouldn't have thought through what you as an ordinary men would have done.

If you don't have a positive identification with this nation, bio-ethnic-pure-blood-German, Tunisian or Czech-Scottish with roots in this country, please settle somewhere else. Muslims I like to call the people with the religion of special needs. Because oh boy, their civilizations have quite a few elements I dislike and still I am happy to have them. So, I am not alone with the Green-Party members which scare me more than people talking about a caliphate. Yes sorry, caliphate demonstrations bother me less than Fridays for Future. One friend of mind lives with multiple wives having ten children here in Germany and he told me, the only party which could save and improve Germany is the populist right, the AfD, while he added over his lifestyle, he still is a bit scared if they get into power. I am from the FDP, so AfD is haram.

But could you please just think for a second why that my friend this very traditional Muslim men, likes the AfD of all parties the most?

Wanna get famous? Politically motivated or not, just chant the slogan

One thing for me is for sure, these witch hunts attacking people for "Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus, Ausländer raus." translates to "Germany for Germans, Foreigners out, Foreigners out" is going to create more people doing it, out of fun, out of spite and likely not even out of a far-right sentiment. The quote has a long shadow throughout Germans past which does contain dark elements. Yes, but we had mass migration for quite some time now and many foreigners telling me, Germany changed and not for the better. At least when it comes to safety group rapes, beatings to death, or into disability, wilding machetes open in streets cutting people in half and so on.

Here we quite often have pixelated pictures of people harming others, often youngsters in a serious manner. Getting liberal state persecution, which compared to their home-countries is laughable. And then I see the press, deciding that the event of Sylt has relevance big enough to not censor their faces. Why is that? Oh, I know why, it just and a two-sentence answer at that:

You don’t hate journalists enough. You think you do but you don’t.

The World can't afford a weak Germany

This whole stupid chanting could have been memory holed and forgotten; the press does that with gang-rapes which spiked since 2015 also. Why isn't that possible with that limerick? Germans ignore so much, and we have serious economic troubles, our energy policies are horrible, taxes are feeling line 80% of income, it takes too long to establish a company, state officials should learn English (if this whole mass migration policy shall work out), we barely automate enough with technology existing for years and artificial intelligence companies? Get direct bans via the EU, for quite a few applications. Not that many notable patents for digital inventions but an overblown state and an EU which measures each participating country on how German their economy is.

Everybody praising diversity, but for Europe we must melt it into the EU after the German Model. We have large migration patterns simply over how the EU is set up. Plus, we don't protect our borders and if Germany would have spent a bit more on military, Ukraine might not have to fight a war. Or maybe Putin wouldn't care. I just wonder what would happen if Germany would get over its Hitler Psychosis and pull its weight in defense spending as agreed in NATO, and for that matter EU. Not after the fact, but when we needed deterrence. It doesn't matter, China and USA are on a good track and Germany is living of its substance and most other countries don't contribute that much to the world's wealth or produce that much.

No offense to the rest of the world. But US, China and Germany if we stop working, living standards are going downhill everywhere.

Three scenarios?

We discuss about a limerick,

which is edgy and shall provoke which is just a meme and for some not just a meme but a clear no thanks please no more mass-immigration it's enough for others.

Avoiding the discussions which would matter. :rolleyes:

1.) In terms of great power competition, I think Germany should add at least 20-40 million people to its population. To increase its economic output trying to carry Europe. The likely outcome would be a police state and a low trust society since diversity makes people withdraw from all kinds of community services, volunteering and so on. Look towards the US with mass migration of over ten million recently, let's do the same. That's great power politics in action and wanted by US elites, why not do the same here?

2.) Or remigration getting rid of people who lack a net contribution to society, which drain more resources from the state than they add in. It would boost social cohesion and great power competition we tried twice before with disastrous results. While we often can't even empty the prisons for the human rights violations the offenders would receive when deported from here.

3.) More of the same. Leadership without direction, but with deep pockets for personal gains and more humiliation rituals by state power forced on the citizens. Like, when Corona happend, their health minister said masks were mandatory not because there was scientific evidence they helped, but to send a psychological signal.

I write about politics, but I am fiction writer and I have short stories for all three scenarios in the positive, the negative and the ugly. I am hopeful, I forgive, and I might find strong words here and there, but I want people to think for themselves and strong language helps with that. Please disagree with me, or agree but can we please keep the debate going? And stir it into a productive direction?

Create a proper business climate not & fear to open once's mouth

What just pisses me of is the hyperventilation of our so-called elite in Germany and the results they are producing in fields which are more important. With 5% or just 2% economic growth, all debates would look different. The populist right, I guess would not even need any policy program for an election and still got plenty of votes with Germanys current state. As a signal to our elites, that the population is very unhappy that's the AfD. And no for the most part the foreigners are not at fault. Many of our problems stem from lacking leadership. A while ago I visited Berlin, I got the chance to enter visit the building where my head of state resides and goes on with his work. They presented that they want to double the size of the chancellor's office, and the cost was enormous. I forgot the number. 600 million, one billion? It's just my taxes who cares... They want to double the building in size. Did we acquire 10 more federal states or a Mars colony, why build it that much bigger? For whom or what shall that kind of increase be?

I thought how typical, building a Palast for the leader and the plans were made under Merkel. She always just reacted never and was never leading the nation. That is possible. Elites with golden parachutes and some Palast to hang around. But vision to lead the country nowhere to be found for the things that matter. I can tell you what doesn't matter:

"Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus, Ausländer raus."

We spent a billion on "Demokratie Leben" already, a government program who subsidizes democratic projects and NGOs and when you go through the list. It's left leaning cause after left leaning cause, after left leaning cause. From an overblown state with a way to high quota on the economy. What does the elite expect? Using this NGOs against all anti-immigration sentiment and embarrassing themselves when reacting to drunk people in bars.

Where is a better business climate? That would be much nicer than tone policing and watching for dangerous words. Oh, I forget you chased countless companies out of Germany. But the bar climate for foreigners is important, in a normal bar foreigner would have ether joined the choir or a good brawl would have happend. It's nightlife. That's nothing for high-ranking politicians to get involved in.

Hell, shall we spend two billion or three on combating the "Germany for Germans, Foreigners out, Foreigners out"-sentiment of the people who mean it and not just meme it? Is that still democratic, my dear leaders? Golden parachutes via state party NGOs including hidden financing of state parties, plus an extra billion for your generally preferred Agenda? Maby call Elon Musk, for brain-chips und implement them for all Germans so we are well behaving subjects who fit into polite society. I personally even prefer polite society, but I dislike that hatred for the common men and with #Syltgate I just feel how high-ranking people like to piss on the ordinary people doing stupid underclass stuff.

The best thing happening to Germany would be parliament doing nothing and the ministers being on vocation for a very long time.

I bet you just a couple of years an 3% economic growth would be in the bucket, and anyone would be less pissed about elite performance.

Yes, by the elites doing nothing and letting society work out something themselves. Even climate change would be resolved, I promise.


Ps: This article was written with way too much anger about the decline of my country and the little events the elite do care about where they can talk about nothing. While my country is on bad track, becoming the new sick men of Europe.