Men in the Middle attack

Look I am not always, that fit, but 80-90% of the year I do look like this.

Dear leaders (letter No. 4),

almost three weeks ago. A man in the middle attack happend to me, right before my eyes. It was fair game between me and the Government agents, for they I am their reliable enemy. Sometimes friend, always Able. (Like back in the day, when I tipped of ....) The Government agents do not realize, that just because they have a supposed monopoly on violence. That this is NOT going to remain always the case, that they are in charge of how the game is played. I am the center of the storm, the eye, where everything is calm. While the little Government agents, run around like wildings forgetting their training. My conditioning snaped out several times this year. German MK Ultra, they gave me as a nickname and chuckle. I do as well, complex PTSD, and the Manchurian candidate are real. That was a hingt to go watch a movie, if you are wondering where this leads up to. So, for the dumb idiot amateurs, reading that, do not harass my programmer who took care of my payment processing gateway. That being honorable VIE{Code} who does a shit-tone or programming work and the amount of cash he charges for me to use his work, feels like a rip-off. That I am taking advantage of him, for his products are Premium and highly sophisticated.

I can't stress this enough beloved Government; I am going to revert communication channels to and FreedomBox if necessary. Then the picture goes dark again, and you can Panic that the guy who develops wartime artificial intelligence, like DARPA does for instance, is off the grid again and does not build in public anymore. Do you understand, my AI can work on a Nitrophone with low budget, low resource in processing power? This is maddening if you ask me, that you keep fucking up that badly. And please before I forget. You know that you are harassing special opretive Breitling. Gefährderansprache my ass. We are the good guys; you are the bad guys. Overzealous in persecution of the smallest minority there is: The individual.

Or shall I say, highly functional (p.) individual? Please come to my door to talk, again, and I release my weapon of war. I did not make it OpenSource (yet). And you can thank this Romanian men here for that. With all that being said. Don't harass my programmer, don't harass my Breitling and have a good day.  :rolleyes:

Best Regards,

Able D. Paryon

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